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Yee Haw!

I know Tuesday is a little late for “what I did this weekend”, but I just got back yesterday morning so there. I spent the weekend visiting my family in Dallas! I had only been to Texas once before (not a fan) but since my family moved there in September, I’m sure I will be […]

Goodbye Europe: The trip of a lifetime

The 6am wake ups are just a reminder of the amazing adventure which is now, unfortunately, part of the past. When I got back in America on Tuesday, it almost seemed like it never happened. But, I continue to relive the most incredible 24 days of my life over and over in pictures and through my […]

Γεια σας Athens: It’s cooler in the shade & cheers!

After only 3 hours of sleep, we left the hotel at 6:45am the next morning to head to Athens. It was sad watch our little hotel get smaller and smaller as we drove away in our water taxi. The taxi took us to a port where we would take a bigger boat (which looked like […]

Γεια σας Hydra: If your friends jumped off a cliff would you?

The next morning, we woke up for the excursion to Hydra. Everyone in our group had signed up to go, so it was going to be a fun morning. There were a couple people from the second group, some of which were really nice, but they mostly kept to themselves. When we got to Hydra, […]

Γεια σας Poros: Clock towers, parasailing & Barbie

Saturday we woke up (still in Poros and thankful it wasn’t a dream) and had a quick breakfast before biking into town, which was only about ten minutes away. The town is pretty small and very beautiful, and everyone is so nice! We decided to stop at a little restaurant since breakfast wasn’t too good/filling […]

Γεια σας Poros: Get me to the beach

After deciding to skip breakfast to get some extra sleep, we woke up on the ferry. We were supposed to get to the port of Patros around 12:30pm, but it took a bit longer than expected so most of the morning was spent literally waiting for the ferry to dock. Unfortunately when it did, we […]

Ciao Pompeii: There is no evacuation plan?

We woke up early Thursday morning (6am, yikes) to go to Pompeii. Once we got there, we had a quick bathroom break, after which Meredith R and I were pretty sure we had gotten left behind. Then, we had a tour of Pompeii, the ancient city that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. The tour […]