Yee Haw!

I know Tuesday is a little late for “what I did this weekend”, but I just got back yesterday morning so there.

I spent the weekend visiting my family in Dallas! I had only been to Texas once before (not a fan) but since my family moved there in September, I’m sure I will be making many more visits. The weekend was much more “hanging out in the suburbs” than “tourism/explore the city”, but it was still a great time! I’m totally okay with preschool soccer games, first grade play-dates, and hanging out at home! That’s what I was there for anyways! We did take a drive around downtown Dallas and saw Reunion Tower and (what we think was) where JFK was shot. Pretty sure.




Good times in Texas – and I’m sure I’ll be back soon!

And even though I just got back in town, the countdown is short until I leave on Friday for Chapel Hill and UNC Homecoming. I.CAN’T.WAIT. I haven’t been back to Chapel Hill since last Homecoming in November. I’ve got a football game, sorority reunion, basketball game, and time with friends lined up so I could not be more excited! I’m coming for ya, Chapel Hill!


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