Hump Day Happy Hour: Jax’s

The search for the best happy hour in Denver continues! My friend Min and I (along with a couple others!) are currently on the search for the best happy hour in Denver. Each week, we try somewhere new and here is where I share with you! Check out the other happy hours we have tried here.

This week, we headed to Jax’s Fish House & Oyster Bar. After checking out the menu online and hearing good things from friends who had visited other locations, we had high expectations and were pretty excited.

Inside Jax's (where it was super bright)

Inside Jax’s (where it was super bright)

Since inside was super crowded, we were seated at a table outside and on the far corner of the patio. A little secluded, but we could deal.

We will just hang out the corner

We will just hang out here….in the corner

We started with drinks. Based on what the server recommended, I went with the Cucumber Lemon Press while Min ordered the Wonka Cocktail and a couple oysters. Oysters aren’t really my thing, so I passed! We also ordered the hush puppies and calamari to get started while we waited for Narina!

Cucumber Lemon Press

Cucumber Lemon Press

Min with her drinks and oysters

Min with her drinks and oysters


Calamari - so good!

Calamari – so good!

Hush Puppies with cinnamon sugar...YUM.

Hush Puppies with cinnamon sugar…YUM.

While the food was good (loved the hush puppies and could have just eaten the tart sauce with the calamari by itself), the drinks tasted a bit like juice (and only juice, which is a problem at happy hour). Once Narina got there, we ordered another round – the Strawberry Lemonade for me, Peg Leg for Min and a Wonka Cocktail for Narina. We also ordered the mussels, which were pretty delicious. Unfortunately, it was a bit of the same with the drinks. Our waiter was nice enough to comp us/Narina a drink after we explained to him.

Drink attempt #2

Drink attempt #2

We left a little disappointed (maybe our expectations were too high?) and grabbed a drink at Front Porch to end the night on a high note!

Moscow Mules to save the day!

Moscow Mules to save the day!


Price: Pricing was a little on the high end for what you got. The food portions wasn’t much for $7. And then there’s the drinks…

Drinks: Out of all the drinks we ordered, only Min’s Peg Leg tasted like it anything other than juice. Even after asking our waiter, it was a bit of a let down.

Food: The food was probably the best part. Fresh oysters, yummy calamari and oh man, were those hush puppies good!

Cool factor: Since we were sitting outside, it was hard to get too much of a vibe. It was crowded though!

Overall grade: C-
Unfortunately, not our favorite place. I think if we gave it another shot, we might have a better experience, but this wasn’t it.


Jax’s Fish House & Oyster Bar

Website | Happy Hour Menu

1539 17th Street, Denver, CO (Downtown/LoDo)

Happy Hour: 4-6pm Daily


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