Christmas in October (and it’s late)


I am a firm believer in the “no Christmas until after Thanksgiving” rule, yet over the weekend I found myself browsing the Christmas aisle in Wal-Mart. Shame on myself.

In order to make sure my boyfriend on the other side of the world got a little taste of Christmas, it was necessary. I was actually late in shopping for and sending that Christmas joy. The last care package I sent to Aaron took about a month to get to him and with 5,000 other sailors families/friends/girlfriends/etc. attempting to send Christmas gifts, it might take a little bit longer. Hopefully 2 months is early enough for Christmas!

This is the second care package I have sent and I think I’m getting the hang of things.  Here is a general rule of thumb I try to follow when prepping a care package:

  • Something he needs – Whether it’s shampoo, deodorant, or other toiletries, I try and throw in a couple necessities
  • Something he wants – This time, it was Hot Cheetos (don’t ask me why). I always ask Aaron if he has any specific cravings or if there is anything from home he is missing. And even if it’s Hot Cheetos, I do my best to pack it in there
  • A surprise – This part was easy this time around since I had to pack an anniversary/Christmas present, as well as a Christmas present from my grandparents. But usually I just throw in a couple treats or something he isn’t exactly expecting just to make it special




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