I’m obsessed with Essentrics


If you’ve been around me or working out with me for the past 3 months, you have probably heard me talk about Essentrics (or beg you to come with me). Hands down, this is one of my favorite workout classes I have tried in a long time. So Essentrics is kind of yoga, T’ai Chi, Barre and Pilates all in one. The idea behind the class is to lengthen your muscles (so lots of stretching/reaching) while you strengthen them. We do a lot of weight-free arm toning (which I would say is much harder than you would think) and leg lifts, as well as some full body moves. I am so obsessed with this class. Not only do I feel like I get a great workout, but the stretching at the end of class is so deep that half the time I feel like I’m leaving with a completely new body. It’s a great class for me in the middle of the week to get rid of the soreness from working out the other days.

If you’re in the Denver Metro area, I take the class at Central Park Rec Center in Stapleton. The instructor is amazing and super nice! I actually went to the first class she taught at that rec center in August and have been able to watch the class grow from about 6 people to a packed room! I highly recommend trying out an Essentrics class if you see one near you!

You can read more about Essentrics here and there are also videos you can try at home (I haven’t done any of the online videos yet, but I want to!)

And finally, some gym motivation that was written on the whiteboard after I left Essentrics this week. Have a great weekend!




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