Hump Day Happy Hour: Truffle Table

The search for the best happy hour in Denver continues! My friend Min and I are currently on the search for the best happy hour in Denver. Each week, we try somewhere new and here is where I share with you! Check out the other happy hours we have tried here.


This week, we decided to try Truffle Table, which is also in the Highlands. We heard about Truffle Table when we went to a beer and cheese tasting with other UNC alumni in Denver. The cheese was so good, we knew we had to go back for more! (Truffle Table also has its own cheese shop in addition to the restaurant.)


For drinks, I got the Peach-Mint Sangria and Min had the red wine. There were only a couple of wines to choose from on the happy hour menu, but this place is definitely for a “specific taste”. Both of the wines were good and I loved the mix of peach and mint!

Peach-Mint Sangria

Peach-Mint Sangria

We also ordered a happy hour cheese plate and a 3-meat plate from the regular menu. Now I definitely can’t remember what each one was, but I know they were all so good. Usually, you can pick your own meats for the board, but we left it up to the staff to make a great pairing. The round cheese was some sort of goat cheese and I loved it! Obviously, we cleaned up the entire board.



With our check, we also got these little strawberry candy pigs. So yummy and cute! We kept happy hour relatively short this week, but we both really liked it!

Min and her little piggy

Min and her little piggy


Price: Wines ran about $5 a glass, which I can’t really complain about. The cheese and meat was a little pricer, but that’s to be expected when it’s pretty much gourmet and high quality.

Drinks: Wines were all that were offered for happy hour but this is definitely somewhere you go knowing what you’re going to get.

Food: The cheese was amazing! Each had it’s own distinct taste. Same with the meat plate. All delicious.

Cool factor: The bar area was packed when we first got there which means it was definitely cool, but crowded. The decor and service were probably the best parts about the “overall experience”. The wait staff and bartenders were friendly and quick (our food didn’t take long at all!) and the overall look of the restaurant was adorable!

Overall grade: B+
This is definitely somewhere you would go when you want cheese and wine. The quality and atmosphere were great. The only reason it’s not an A is because it is definitely limited to a specific taste. But I loved it!



Website | Menu

2556 15th Street, Denver CO (in the Highlands)

Happy Hour: Tues – Sun, 4-6pm


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