Fall Means Hockey & Football

This weekend was super busy and (of course) it all seemed to revolve around sports!

Thursday night was the Avalanche’s season opener. The game was away, so KSE had an event for employees and their families and friends. We were invited to eat dinner at the Blue Sky Grill – which was amazing – and skate on the Pepsi Center ice, before watching the pregame videos (that will play during games) and the broadcast of the game. It was a pretty great night! Since Thursday night is for Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder (which if you’re not watching, seriously start now. SO good), we snuck out after the start of the game. Based on the final score, it was probably for the best.



Saturday morning, it was off to Grand Junction to watch my brother play for the CMU Mavericks. I forgot to tell him I was coming, so it ended up being a surprise! The Mavs got the win and my brother played almost the entire game! So it was definitely worth it!

Go Mavericks!

Go Mavericks!

We stayed the night in Grand Junction and yesterday, the drive took a little longer than expected thanks to some snow and accidents on the Vail Pass. There are definitely worse places to be stuck than Vail though!

Vail, CO

Vail, CO

24 hours in Colorado. Driving through Vail on Saturday vs. on Sunday

24 hours in Colorado. Driving through Vail on Saturday vs. on Sunday

Hope everyone has a great Monday! I’m already ready for next weekend!


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