Hump Day Happy Hour: Old Major

My friend Min and I are currently on the search for the best happy hour in Denver. Each week, we try somewhere new and here is where I share with you! Check out the other happy hours we have tried here.

This week we headed to Old Major in the Highlands. When we first got there the bar was packed. Unfortunately, happy hour was only served in the bar area so we kind of had to cram ourselves in the corner until a seat was available.



We both had looked over the menu and thought the Orange Bee’s Knees sounded the best, but of course we couldn’t get the same thing. I had also eyed the Moscow Mule (one of my favorite drinks of all time) so I opted for that and Min got the Orange Bee’s Knees. The Mule was pretty good, especially since it was served in a cooper cup. Min loved the Orange Bee’s Knees and I had a sip – delicious.

Moscow Mule and Orange Bee's Knees

Moscow Mule and Orange Bee’s Knees

For the first round of food, Min ordered the Pork Fat French Fries while I got a pretzel roll (I have a weakness for pretzels) and the sausage plate. The fries and the pretzel were really quick and both were pretty good. I thought the fries were a bit more “doughy” than normal french fries and didn’t really taste like potatoes. They definitely needed a bit of ketchup but were pretty good! The sausage was served over grits which was pretty good. It was definitely a bit smaller than I had expected but we shared it anyways. Pretty good for sausage!

Pretzel roll and Pork Fat Fries

Pretzel roll and Pork Fat Fries

Sausage sampler

Sausage sampler

Once we finally got a spot at the bar, we decided to order another round. Now, I’ve never had an Old Fashioned and the Old Old Fashioned on the menu sounded pretty good. And I wanted to be cool! Min ordered a glass of white wine and we decided to get the Charcuterie Plate to try a bit more of the menu. That Old Old Fashioned about knocked me out of my chair. I guess I didn’t know what to expect and it was good, but I don’t think an Old Fashioned is really “me” (I’m definitely not cool enough for those, but now that I’ve ordered one, maybe I’m good?) Min said the wine was alright but nothing special.

(Cool) Old Old Fashioned and the Charcuterie plate

(Cool) Old Old Fashioned and the Charcuterie plate

As far as the Charcuterie Plate, I can’t really remember what each of the meats were. One of them was thick and had a tuna-like texture, which was interesting. Min was not a fan of the triangle shaped one – it tasted almost like it was pickled? The other ones were alright and I probably liked the salami the best. It would have been nice if the plate had something else (maybe more bread or cheese) because it was kind of interesting just eating meat.



Price: The menu here was definitely a little more on the pricey side in our opinion. The drinks ran about $6 but weren’t that big and were heavy on the ice. We wanted to try a couple drinks from the Signature Cocktail List, but those were all $12, so we passed. Also for food, it was a little pricey for the portion.

Drinks: Aside from Min’s Orange Bee’s Knees, we were never really “wowed” by any of the drinks we had. As far as the Happy Hour drinks, they seemed pretty average. We definitely wanted to try a Signature Cocktail (they looked good!) but definitely not in our price range.

Food: Again, the food was a little pricey for the portion and nothing was “wow”. The Charcuterie plate was definitely different, but nothing was amazing.

Cool factor: The bar area was packed when we first got there which means it was definitely cool, but crowded. The decor and service were probably the best parts about the “overall experience”. The wait staff and bartenders were friendly and quick (our food didn’t take long at all!) and the overall look of the restaurant was adorable!

Overall grade: C
Great decor and wait staff, average food and drinks and a little pricey for the portion. Still a good happy hour but not anywhere I would crave or be dying to go to. It seems like it would be better for dinner instead of happy hour!



Website | Happy Hour Drinks Menu | Happy Hour Food Menu

3316 Tejon St., Denver Co, 80211 (in the Highlands)

Happy Hour: Mon – Fri 3pm-6pm, Sat & Sun 4pm-6pm


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