Hump Day Happy Hour: Lola

About a month ago, my friend Min and I decided to begin a search for the best happy hour in Denver. I mean, why not? Each week, we try a different place and now, I’m going to share with all of you!

Like I mentioned on Monday, last week we decided to hit up Lola! I will warn you in advance – due to birthday celebrations, happy hour turned into happy couple-of-hours so we did try a good variety of the menu (all in the name of blogging, right?)


I started with the Reposado Margarita and Min got the Sangria Rojo. My margarita was good, pretty basic but still good. It definitely wasn’t too sweet since I think they only used lime juice, which I can appreciate. On the other hand, Min wasn’t crazy about the sangria – it tasted a bit like juice with an alcohol-y after taste.

Round #1

Round #1

Of course, we had to order some food. We opted for the guacamole and queso. The guacamole was pretty delicious, but the queso stole the show. By far one of the best quesos I’ve ever had. It had roasted white corn and chorizo (*drooling*) and was so creamy. Yeah, definitely scraped the bowl on that one.

Guac and the best queso ever

Guac and the best queso ever

For the next round of drinks, Min had the Paloma and I had the Cucumber Lemonade. The Palmoa about knocked Min out of her chair it was so strong, so she definitely had to ask the bartender to make it a little bit less potent. While I’m not the biggest fan of grapefruit, she liked it! The Cucumber Lemonade was definitely refreshing and light. So good!

Cucumber Lemonade and Min with her Paloma

Cucumber Lemonade and Min with her Paloma

After a long rush-hour drive from DTC, Narina met us for another round! Happy hour was wrapping up, so we had to switch to the drink menu. Narina had the Drug Mule and I had the Fuego Verde – which was amazing. It was the perfect amount of spicy and the cilantro really cooled it down. Might just be my new favorite drink.


Narina with her Drug Mule and my Fuego Verde



Price: The most expensive drink was $7, with most drinks closer to $5. The “small bites” we ordered off the happy hour menu were $6-7 and was plenty of food for Min and I to snack on. Not bad at all!

Drinks: The Happy Hour menu had a good variety to chose from. In addition to the Specialty Drinks and Margaritas we had, beer and wine were also available. All of the drinks we had were pretty good! The drinks that weren’t on the happy hour menu were even better!

Food: Again, best queso ever. Guacamole was also delicious and fresh. Plus there was tons more food to choose from!

Cool factor: The entire restaurant had a great vibe and the patio was definitely packed. I would have to say pretty cool.

Overall grade: A
Not much to complain about here. Great atmosphere, drinks and food!



Website | Happy Hour Menu | Drink Menu

1575 Boulder St. Denver, Colorado 80211 (in the Highlands)

Happy Hour: All Night Monday, Tues–Fri 4pm–6pm, Sat & Sun 2:30pm–5pm


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