Bring it, bring it back

Well hello there!

It has been almost five months since my last blog post and I’ve decided, it’s time to get back to blogging. I feel like for a good chunk of my life, there has always been some sort of blogging aspect. Like every other pre-teen in the 2000’s, I had a Xanga/LiveJournal/etc. In May of 2012, right before my senior year of college, I started this blog – mainly to get a job and showcase my professional skills. While that was fine and dandy, I’m ready to bring back my blog and make it a bit more “fun”.

So here is the low-down. Since the last time I posted, I have become obsessed with reading blogs. Waking up and reading the new blog posts of the day with my coffee is hands down my favorite part of the morning. And reading all of these blogs made me really want to get back into writing my own (Yes, I’m basic).

Then there is the “deployment” problem. My boyfriend is in the Navy and is a little more than one month into a ten month deployment (I know…..but only nine more to go right?). Before he left, he wanted to make sure I had some “hobbies”, because working full-time, working out and having a social life apparently isn’t enough. I mentioned my blog and said I might get back into that. Well that hasn’t been the case thus far, but my “hobbies” have included actually making recipes from Pinterest, trying a bunch of new places in Denver and going on a couple adventures. That’s blog gold, right?

So in between my obsession with reading blogs and my deployed boyfriend, I did a couple Google searches for “navy girlfriend blog”. The results were….uninspiring to say the least. Not to say that this is all there is out there, but all I seemed to come across was “Married to Military”, “Born to be a Solider’s Wife”, “My life revolves around my military relationship”, etc. etc. Call me modern, but yes, my boyfriend is in the military and on deployment and it sucks – but that’s not my whole life. I have my own career, ambitions, friends, etc. and this deployment is going to feel like a lifetime if I just sit around counting down the minutes until he gets back. I love that kid with all my heart, but I have to keep myself distracted. So I thought it would be interesting to share my own experiences for some girl, some where in a similar situation.

So I gave my blog a little bit of a face lift, I’ve got a couple ideas and I’m ready to get back at it. Here’s to blogging again!

Back to blogging!


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