Thanks for the ride!

It’s hard to believe today is my last day working with the Denver Broncos — and man, what an experience it has been. When I first started in August of last year, I really had no idea what I was in for. My first day was less than ten days before the first game (the same game that kicked off the entire 2013 NFL season, no less) and I was definitely thrown right in. It was such an amazing and unique experience to be here for the postseason and Super Bowl XLVIII (no matter what the outcome was!) and I don’t know if I will ever experience anything like that in my professional career again.

I have learned SO much through this experience — technical skills (I wince when I look at some of my first projects), about working in the sports industry, and many of the other things that come with a “first job”. I really have to thank my coworkers for all the help that they have given me throughout this entire experience and helping me grow professionally. Without their help (and a little bit of networking), I would not be where I am now professionally.

Especially since I wasn’t going to be able to move into a permanent position within the organization, this is really the best case scenario for me — I get to stay in sports and design, while also dipping my toes into more marketing and digital media. I’m excited for this next chapter and also extremely grateful for where I have been.

Broncos, thanks for the ride!




  1. Alexa,

    Good luck with your next steps! Sounds like your time with the Broncos was memorable.



    Matthew D. Oakes OakeSports Blog I Twitter I LinkedIn I About.Me

    Sports Reporter, Columnist and Radio Personality- WCHL/Chapelboro // Assistant Teaching Professional – RDU Tennis


    1. Thanks Matt! Hope you are doing well! I read all your UNC sports news! Haha

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