The exciting conclusion to Job Hunt 2014

With my time at the Broncos coming to an end, I am SO happy to announce I have a new job! In just a couple weeks, I will start my new (permanent!) position as the production artist in interactive media for Kroenke Sports & Entertainment — the company that owns the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Mammoth, as well as other television and real estate properties. My role will specifically consist of designing elements for web and social media for all of the KSE properties (which is a lot). The position is brand new, along with two other positions that will be added to the interactive media department in the next couple of weeks.

The new office (sort of) — the Pepsi Center in downtown Denver

The new office (sort of) — the Pepsi Center in downtown Denver

My office isn’t exactly in the Pepsi Center, but in one of the buildings owned by KSE nearby/across the street. In a few months, there is a good chance my department will be moving into one of the newer buildings that is currently being renovated, which I definitely don’t hate. Along with new buildings, my future co-workers have told me about a lot of recent changes in the company and it definitely seems like an exciting time to be hopping on board.

Through this interview process, I really learned how valuable networking can be. I’ve always been terrible at it — I can be shy and I hate feeling like I’m asking people to “do it for me”. But, I definitely know I would have been able to get this job without it (and I plan on doing a blog post with more details about my experience soon!)

I am so excited and feel so unbelievably lucky to continue to work in sports and am excited to get more into web and marketing in this new role. It is such a relief to have a permanent job lined up, since I have basically been in flux since graduation. It’s bittersweet to be leaving the Broncos, but definitely the best case scenario! I can’t wait for this next chapter! Thank you all for your support!



  1. Congratulations, lady! I’m proud of you!

    Maybe you should come talk to the staffs about the different careers available to journo kids soon???

    1. Thanks Faust! I would LOVE to! Message me on Facebook or send me an email ( and we can see if we can work something out soon!

  2. Myrnan Fronczak · · Reply

    We’re so very proud of you and know that Kroenke Sports will only get better with your talent and great work ethic! You go girl!! Love you – Grammie & Grandpa Mike

  3. […] mentioned in my last post, I am so excited to start my new job with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment in just a little bit […]

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