In memory of Chuck Stone

Yesterday, I was saddened to hear about the passing of an innovator in journalism and pioneer of diversity — Chuck Stone. I have written before about the impact the Chuck Stone Program for Diversity and Education in Media has had on my life and I couldn’t believe the man who inspired the program was gone. Aside from the program in his honor, I have a lot to thank Chuck for as a young professional in the communications field.

Chuck Stone really did pave the way for African Americans in journalism and I admire his work and life achievements, along with many others. I know that his legacy will continue to live on through the program and inspire the individuals who learn about him.

Chuck Stone

Chuck Stone and I during the program in 2008.



Here are some more stories from around the web I have come across that highlight the life of Chuck Stone and the impact he had.

Charles “Chuck” Stone, 89, tenacious Philadelphia Daily News columnist from the Philadelphia Daily News

Legendary Journalist Chuck Stone Dies at 89 from the Maynard Institute

Print legend, former UNC journalism professor Chuck Stone dead at 89 from the Daily Tar Heel

Remembering Chuck Stone, my journalism hero and friend from the Raleigh News & Observer

And for my Tar Heel basketball fans out there….


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