Gotta Keep Going & Giving Up

J O B  H U N T  2 0 1 4 ?

Remember how I only had a handful of days remaining before facing the horrifying world of unemployment? Well, plot twist — that doesn’t seem to be the case. Only a week later and the game has changed — well, slightly.

My boss told me yesterday that due to the heavy workload on our plate (note: football season is year-round in the NFL), they were hoping I could stay on through May. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t mean a permanent position, but on the bright side, my (very, very tiny) paychecks will keep coming. Since I had already started looking and applying for jobs, I’m going to keep going. Based on my past experiences, it takes some time to get employment sorted out. So I’m viewing this as a little bit of a cushion and not letting myself completely off the hook.

I will admit though — looking for a job and working full-time is quite draining. It’s a long day when I go to work, head to the gym and then spend the night on the hunt, all while catching up on shows and you know, giving my brain a break. But I gotta keep going! (My rent isn’t going to pay itself unfortunately.)

L  E  N  T

Even though my family is not very religious — couldn’t tell you the last time I went to church with anyone other than my grandparents — several years ago, my family adopted giving up something for Lent. It helped my dad stop chewing tobacco (thank goodness) and it’s been a nice personal challenge for me. Last year, when I basically had dessert after every meal, I decided to give up sweets. The year before that, when I would hit up Qdoba after every night out and had a serious late night problem (I was a junior in college in my defense), I gave up eating after 7 p.m. unless it was my actual dinner. I can’t really remember what I gave up before that, but either way, it has been a good thing to do.

For the past week and a half, I have had a really hard time trying to figure out what to give up. Unlike in past years, I don’t have any glaring bad habits that I need to nip. I’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with my sort-of New Year’s Resolution and watching my budget (though it seems the income and not the “outcome” seems to be the biggest hurdle right now), so I will definitely keep working on that. I’ve also been pretty good about eating healthier and about hitting up the gym. So what to give up?

After Googling “what to give up for Lent,” I had an answer. Recently, I have gotten really terrible about hitting the snooze button. I’m talking about the fact that I have several alarms on my phone and alarm clock, leading to me snoozing the alarm for more than an hour each morning. I know that it’s not good for me, so it is the perfect thing to go 40 days without. My roommate also decided to give up the snooze button, even though she hasn’t given up anything for Lent in the past.

So, I guess I’ll see you in 40 days snooze button.


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