2013 & Postseason with the Broncos

So I know I committed blog blasphemy — I didn’t wrap up 2013 in some nostalgic post. Honestly, I had planned to do it, but I spent a majority of the end of the year unplugged and spending time with family and friends in town. So no regrets.

But, 2013 was a huge year for me. If I start from the beginning, it began with surprising my best friend for her birthday, a trip to Vegas and Colorado for spring break, soaking up as much college as possible during the spring semester, graduating from the best university in the world, traveling Europe, moving back home, starting my dream job and meeting someone who is changing my life. WOW. That is a jam-packed year. There was a lot of adventures and new beginnings in 2013 but I am perfectly content with where I started 2014.

So far, this year has been a whirlwind. Just yesterday, 90% of my belongings safely arrived from North Carolina and ready to unpack into my new apartment. It has been really exciting to settle into my own place in Denver and it feels so good to have my own space again. Plus, even though I’ve lived in Denver/Aurora my whole life, it’s a lot different when I’m on my own, in a new area.

On that note, a lot of 2014 has been about independence so far. Recently, I took over my own phone bill which means (other than my health insurance) I am supporting myself. It’s a good feeling, but my pockets do not go very deep at this point — which is why one of my biggest goals (resolutions if you will) for the new year is to focus on building and following a budget. This month is kind of an exception (moving into an apartment is pretty expensive all around), but hopefully I can get it together by February.

Aside from moving and budgeting, a lot of 2014 has been about work. Working postseason with the Broncos has been CRAZY. In the moment, it is insanity — late nights, coming in on weekends and absolutely busting my butt. But when I step back, I absolutely love it! It’s a lot of fun to get this perspective (I totally underestimated how much went into one playoff game) and see a lot of the projects I have worked on out in the city. I feel so lucky to have been able to work with the Broncos during this exciting season and even luckier that there is more to look forward to (knock on wood!).  Most of what I have been working on is building elements for our postseason branding — United in Orange, Time to Ride. Banners, flags, billboards, posters, promotions and have to be created for the postseason, so there is a ton of work. But it is good work to have!

This week, I was able to put together a postseason history infographic for the team. As I have mentioned before, I love working on infographics for the team (and in general).  The infographic was promoted on social media and also added to the DenverBroncos.com. Check it out below:


So last year was great, and this year is off to an excellent start! Go Broncos!



  1. Michael Lin · · Reply

    So awesome that you’re working for the Broncos, must be so much fun! Your infographic is amazing. Looking forward to the game tomorrow!

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