Manning vs. Brady

So even though the Broncos took a tough overtime loss to the Patriots last night, the story line leading up to the game was Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady. This game was the 14th matchup between the two quarterbacks and Manning’s second as a Bronco. Last week, the social media team posted this story with a side by side comparison of the two players. The team has used a lot of infographics this season to preview games, recap games and also depict milestones in the season, so it was only fitting that the data was displayed visually. So with a quick turn around (the information was posted on Wednesday and a graphic needed to be live either Friday or Saturday), I was assigned this project.

I absolutely love working on infographics so I could not wait to put this together. I worked on it for basically the entire day on Thursday and I was in the zone the entire time — I almost forgot to eat lunch! Now as with most graphics, my original design had to go through some edits. Below is the original graphic I had designed.

Manning vs. Brady infographic

Manning vs. Brady infographic

The digital media coordinator requested a couple of changes and below is the graphic that was posted to the Broncos website, as well as promoted on Twitter and Instagram on Saturday before the game.

The final Manning vs. Brady infographic that was published online

The final Manning vs. Brady infographic that was published online

Either way, I was really proud of the work I had done. Hopefully, I will get to put together a couple more infographics this season and the Broncos don’t have to take any more losses!



  1. Myrnan Fronczak · · Reply

    Awesome! I’m so glad you sent this to us. We looked on the Broncos website yesterday and couldn’t find it. We’re so-o proud of you!

    Love – Grammie

  2. […] week, I was able to put together a postseason history infographic for the team. As I have mentioned before, I love working on infographics for the team (and in general).  The infographic was promoted on […]

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