Countdown to Chapel Hill

In just a matter of TEN short days, I will be on my way back to Chapel Hill for homecoming weekend! One of my co-workers pointed out that it was kind of odd that I was so eager to get back to my university when I just graduated a few months ago. Clearly he is not a Tar Heel…

By the time I finally land back in that little slice of heaven, it will have been 6 months since I have seen my beloved alma mater. During undergrad, I never spent more than 2 months away, so it is way past time to get back! Since I booked my flight a couple weeks ago, I have spent a significant portion of time day dreaming about my weekend back in the hill.

Here is my (very overachieving) bucket list for my 3 (almost 4) days back at the good ol’ University of North Carolina:

  • (Obvious priority) Spend some time with my NC besties, who I have seemingly abandoned since turning my tassle (I still love you from far away!) But really, need to see them. Badly.

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  • Reunite with the BAM FAM (and meet the newest member!)


  • Reunite with as many Euro-palz as possible (for the first time in the good ol’ US of A!)


  • Visit the journalism school
  • Visit Kenan but not before…..
  • TAILGATING. Because college football just isn’t the same from my couch.
  • Visit my dome away from home, the Dean E. Smith Center.
  • Get a beer at Topo. You have no idea how badly I miss Topo
  • ….and a blue cup at He’s Not
  • EAT. Lime, Artichoke & Basil, and perhaps some BSkis are a MUST.

Oh, how I’ve missed you Chapel Hill and can’t wait to be back!


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