Four Weeks with the Broncos

It’s hard to believe this is only the fourth week I have been at my new job — like actually hard to believe. Everything in the office moves fast, so it seems more like I have been here for four months. I can hardly remember projects that I worked on last week, yet alone my first week in the office. Even though it’s super busy, I love it. I get to produce a large variety of designs since basically everything that is printed or online and static comes through the graphics department. While a lot of projects are just small ads, I’m really excited that I get to take over the creative for two upcoming Broncos events! I especially love getting to see my work, a lot of which has been live online this past week.

The Miles promos on the sidebar

The Miles promos on the sidebar

My game day graphic that was live during the Broncos vs. Giants game, aka Manning Bowl, on Sept. 15

My game day graphic that was live during the Broncos vs. Giants game, aka Manning Bowl, on Sept. 15

Graphic designed for weekly "Inside the Numbers" feature (live on Sept. 17)

Graphic designed for weekly “Inside the Numbers” feature (live on Sept. 17)

And nothing quite compares to the buildup before game day. The entire building and staff was absolutely electric before the home opener against Baltimore (which just happened to be my ninth day of work).  It’s so exciting to kind of see how everything comes together from the inside and the extraordinary amount of work that goes into game day. We’ve had some time to settle down since there hasn’t been a home game since then, but things are definitely gearing back up for Monday Night Football this week and another home game against the Eagles the following week.

One of my goals when I started this position was to improve my (lack of) skills in Photoshop. I can already see a significant improvement, just by experimenting and googling techniques/tutorials (lots of googling). More often than not, I find myself preferring to use Photoshop to put a design together, which I never would have opted to do before now!

Aside from that, I am still learning my way around. Since the office is so fast-paced, I basically learn how to do things as I need them, which is working for now!

What’s next?

As much as I love this job, it is only guaranteed until the end of the regular season. The design department typically slows down (aside from post-season play) when the regular season ends, which is why the position is temporary. Obviously, if I was given the opportunity to stay, I would definitely do so, but since there is no guarantee, I’ve started thinking about next steps (ugh, here comes job hunt 2014….)

As much as I love design, I’ve had a hard time with the fact that a large majority of my time is just me and my computer. It can be mentally draining spitting out designs, and I’ve always wanted a job where I get to interact with more people. Because of this, I have definitely thought about looking into sports marketing, which I had considered before this job. I am just worried that my previous experiences are more of a hinderance and I’ve somehow pigeon-holed myself into a job as a designer. No harm in applying right?

As far as where I will be, I’ve definitely been leaning towards (sorry everyone on the East coast) staying in Denver. But hey, this is all speculative, right? Who knows what will happen in the next few months.

For now, I will just continue to enjoy the amazing opportunity I have now!


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