Sunday Funday!

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week, just got back from a 4-hour road trip (check out my Instagram for a few!) Here is this week’s Sunday Funday!


1. Pretending to still be in college…at a different college.
Last Sunday was the Rocky Mountain Showdown. Every year, CU and CSU play for bragging rights, so it’s a pretty big game. Obviously, I had never gone and since I am in Denver, I was obligated. I had a great time with my friends. Definitely one for the books.

2. Ookie is 3!
On Monday, we celebrated my brother Lucas’ third birthday party with a big Labor Day barbecue. We had tons of family and friends come over, and lots and lots of kids. It was kind of crazy, but Lucas loved it. Tuesday was his actual birthday and he decided we would have dinner at Bass Pro Shops. To each their own….

3. Game Day!
Thursday was the Broncos season opener against the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Baltimore Ravens. Since most of the graphics have to be in by game day, Thursday was a pretty easy day at work. But working on game day is SO much fun! There is so much excitement in the stadium and it’s cool to see the stadium transform. Love it!

4. Fun Friday!
Following a big Broncos win, we had an easy day of work, so Friday was lots of fun! I got to go get sushi with Kristyn for lunch, run some errands and have dinner at Benihana to celebrate my job with my family. Then I went and had a few drinks with my friends before we realized we were getting old and needed to go to bed. Great Friday!

5. Let’s go Mavericks!
Yesterday, my family and I drove down to Grand Junction for my brother’s first college football game. As a freshman, it was great that he was suiting up, but unfortunately he didn’t get to play. Still, the Mavs got the win and I was glad to see my little brother!


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