Sunday Funday!

Since my new job has been keeping my very busy (more on that later), I decided I would keep the blog going with Sunday Funday — a weekly series about what I have been up to. A lot of other blogs I follow do something similar, typically on Friday, but if most of my work weeks are like my first, it ain’t gonna happen. So I present to you, my first Sunday Funday!


1. Here comes the bride!
Last weekend, I got to go to San Diego for my uncle Josh’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and I had a great time with my family. I also got to meet Natalie’s family and they are all great!

2. California Dreamin’
Aside from the wedding festivities, we had a bit of downtime in California! Probably the highlight for me was getting to see my dogs, Cleo and Sully, for the first time in almost 2 years. I spent an entire night cuddling with them and I definitely think they remember me!
We also got to go down to La Jolla and spent some time at the beach. It was beautiful and we even saw some sea lions so that was neat! Overall, a great time in Cali!

3. First week of work!
Right after getting back from San Diego, I jumped right in to my first week of work. My first day was a bit of HR stuff and then after an afternoon meeting, they threw me right in! They definitely keep me busy but I love all the projects I have gotten to work on and my co-workers are great! Hopefully, I can find the time to share some of the things I’ve been working on. Plus there is plenty of free food! Every Tuesday, we all get lunch in the press box. YUM.

4. Dinners & Happy Hour
There is a reason it is called Happy Hour. This week I had a great time catching up with some friends after work. After my first day, I got to go to dinner with the fabulous Liz Sager and her dad at Cuba Cuba. Liz just signed a lease in Aspen, so I will be seeing plenty of her this winter!
I also went to happy hour with a couple friends on Wednesday, and happy hour just happened to last until about 9:30pm. Oops! It was the perfect hump day treat!

5. Perks of the job
My boss gave me two tickets to the Broncos game on Thursday against the Cardinals. Even though the Broncos lost (it’s just preseason, it’s just preseason…) Kristyn and I had  a great time!

So those were the highlights of my week! Have a great Labor Day!


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