A tale of three cities

So other than an amazing, trip of a lifetime across Europe, post-grad life has been anything but glamorous. Honestly, the past two months since I have gotten back have consisted of…

+ wishing I was back in Europe
+ spending hours applying for jobs across the country
+ waiting for responses/interviews/anything
+ lots of waiting
+ binge-watching Scandal, Friday Night Lights and now, Orange is the New Black
+ an absurd amount of Pinterest
+ lots of blog reading, and not so much writing (which reminds me, 40 days of Dating is a new obsession)
+ working my way to level 100 in Candy Crush (that’s an accomplishment, right?)
+ doing a bit of reading
+ hanging out with toddlers
+ sending my brother off to college (can we trade please?)
+ waiting for the weekend when I finally got to spend time with my best friends with full-time jobs and responsibilities and all those nice things that I actually want

Yeah, not exactly how I imagined it either. And yes, I am being a bit dramatic. I have enjoyed spending time with my family and my best friends, and this will probably be the last time for a long time that I can do nothing all day. In all honesty, it has been a fun summer with weddings, birthdays and plenty more good times. I just have spent a majority of it stressing about what was going to happen when fall came along.

I have been pretty upfront about this in person, but this is by far my least favorite “phase” of life. BY. FAR. I like having a plan, I like being on my own, I like feeling like I’m doing something with my life. 90% of the past two months have not been that at all. But alas, I think I can see the finish line.

For those of you who have been keeping up, I have been sitting at a fork-in-the-road for the past month. One path was Charlotte. I was offered an amazing opportunity to interview for a job that was everything I wanted (and some). Even though I had not originally planned to stay in NC after graduation, this would be worth it. I was flown out for an interview and then I had to wait.

Oh hey, Charlotte.

Oh hey, Charlotte.

The other path was kind of what I had originally planned on — Atlanta. Don’t know why, but that city has been calling my name. I had initially had some interviews there and a somewhat wobbly plan, but decided to wait to see what the job in Charlotte had to say.


Oh hey, Atlanta.

Well, my impatience may have gotten the best of me and last week (in my defense, 3 weeks after my interview), I decided to try and get a straight forward answer from the job in Charlotte. I had to pry a bit, but what I got was “if you have other opportunities to consider, you should go forward with them.  We are going to continue interviewing candidates”, which I am taking as Charlotte is a no-go.

I am kind of upset. This job would have been perfect and I really did want it (I mean, I put moving my life forward on hold to hear an answer). At the same time, the job would have been extremely challenging (I would not consider it an entry-level job and was honestly shocked I was being flown out to interview). But then again, I am taking it a lot better than I expected myself to. Everything happens for a reason.

So after that lovely response, I was set. I had a plan. Atlanta was the answer. I still had a few opportunities there and it’s where I wanted to be in the first place. I was going to move to Atlanta.

Well, that was the plan for a whole 24 hours.

Less than 24 hours after finding out Charlotte wasn’t going to happen and getting set on Atlanta, I got a call to interview for a position in Denver. This position is also one that would give me amazing experience and I know I would love it. Now, there are a few complications that come with staying in Denver. My car and 95% of everything I own is in Raleigh/Chapel Hill and with my friends finishing up their last semester of college, I would have to keep living at my dad’s house until the end of the year.

Oh hey, Denver.

Oh hey, Denver.

I interviewed for the position in Denver yesterday, and I think it went well (I should hear back in the next few days). At this point, I’m giving myself until next Monday when I get back from my uncle’s wedding in San Diego to make a decision. For my mental sanity, I need to make a decision by Monday and get my life going.

Atlanta or Denver.

I can see the finish line, but I’m just not sure which city it’s in.



  1. PatAlmquist · · Reply

    It’s Atlanta

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