Au revoir, USA!

After a delayed flight, sitting on a runway for an hour waiting to depart, a full on sprint to our connection (featuring a comedic “last call for boarding” and a poor lady at the sandwich shop), we are on our way to London! Well…..almost. Apparently “last call for boarding” means we are gonna spend a while waiting to take off. So after we stormed onto the plane like a pack of wild banshees, we’ve got some time before we actually take off. But hey, if this is the most stress we get the next 24 days, I’m perfectly fine with that!

I can’t believe we are all going to Europe for 24 days! I get giddy thinking about all of the things we are going to see and do. We even watched Sound of Music last night since I had never seen it (shame, shame I know) to add even more excitement to our trip to Austria. Since I have never left the country, I couldn’t be more ready for this trip. First stop: London!

Now if we could only get there…..


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