A letter from my freshman self

Every year before initiation, Phi Mu freshman write a letter to themselves to be locked up and saved until senior week four years later. Some chose not to write a letter, while others a little more seriously. I can be a bit of a sentimental person, so I took it somewhat seriously.

We finally got our letters back this week and I was very excited to read mine (especially because I knew my big wrote a letter for me! Almost made me cry!). It’s very strange to read what my 17-year-old self thought the next four years would be like — a little naive on some points, and spot on at others. I was surprised at how hopeful I was that I would grow into (what I at least think) I am today.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Alexa —

I hope that these past four years have been exactly what I’m dreaming about now. I hope that I have made goals for myself and fully committed to each one. I hope that I have accomplished things that at this point in time, I can’t even think of.

What I’m looking for now is my “niche” at Carolina; something that inspires me, sparks a passion in me and makes me feel like I truly belong here. It may be a group of people, or a club, or a simple activity that makes Carolina feel like home for me. That is what I want more than anything and I hope that you (or I?) have found that. 

I hope that when you graduate, you think about where I am now — that girl from Colorado who is bold, spontaneous and loving. Please tell me that over all these years you have not forgotten about your friends from high school. Those days may be seen as childish or immature, but in those moments I was the truest version of myself. 

Right now, I am really unsure about most of the things in my life (including coming to Carolina and joining Phi Mu). I hope that as you prepare to graduate, you can face the world with total confidence in yourself and your decisions. I hope that your dreams and your heart never shrink! I can’t believe you DID IT! Congrats!

Love, Alexa



  1. PatAlmquist · · Reply

    this is awesome

  2. This gave me chills! What a great idea. I love it

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