Sports Stories: Davan Overton and Ethan McConnell

StoryTwo Oregon teenagers, a basketball and the moment the game became secondary by Anna Griffin/The Oregonian

Competitiveness is a part of human nature, which is part of the reason why sports are so fascinating. Every game is the same — us versus them, someone will be victorious while the other will have to taste the bitterness of defeat. It’s in the crossroads between our competitive nature and the human capability to empathize where some of the best moments in sports occur.

If it weren’t for Twitter, I may have never come across the story of Davan Overton and Ethan McConnell. But in today’s technological world, stories like this spread because they strike us to the core. Human beings are extremely complex species, and that’s been said before. But in the moment when our empathy can overcome our competitive nature and innate desire to win, that’s when a sport becomes a lot bigger than a game.

And for those of you who choose to watch instead of read (although I highly suggest reading)….


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