Sports Stories: Desmond Hubert

StoryDriven by a Promise by Matthew Stanmyre/The Star-Ledger

When you go to UNC, it’s not surprising to see basketball across the front page of the school newspaper. Especially not the day of the UNC-Duke game (which is, just in case you didn’t know, America’s best rivalry). But, I was surprised to see a feature on one of my favorite UNC players, Desmond Hubert, on the front page of the DTH.

Most Tar Heel fans know Hubert as “that guy who played with Blue Steel last year”, or more recently, the lucky player to get the fifth starting spot this season. However, I consider myself to be a pretty big Hubert fan, mostly because of the article by Matthew Stanmyre I read the day UNC signed him.

I’ve passed the Stanmyre article onto many friends and Tar Heel fans since then. While the DTH feature tells the same story, I like the authenticity in the Stanmyre article — written in New Jersey and even before the attention Hubert has received this season. I also thought the article was a great background story as Hubert continued to develop during his freshman season. Hopefully, he will continue to find more success his sophomore season! Go Heels!


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