Last Call

After a much needed winter break, it’s back to school and back to the books for (OK, I’ll admit it…) my last semester. Upperclassmen will tell your during your freshman year it goes by fast, but that is an understatement. Here is a quick update on what my last hurrah will look like (at least academically):

JOMC 484: Infographics, Prof. Terence Oliver

Prof. Oliver is a highly recommended professor in the journalism school, which is basically why I am taking this class. As a design class, this course should help me refine some of my skills, build more skills and explore different aspects of data visualization. I’m really excited to get deeper into the course work for this class and learn a lot more about design.

JOMC 490: Branding of Me, Prof. Gary Kayye

After NMTIFAMP last semester, I can’t wait for this class (after all, two sections of NMTIFAMP competed to get into this class). According to the syllabus, the goal of the course “for you to successfully create a personal brand for yourself. Something that is representative of you: your values, your belief system, your personality, your life ambitions and how you want to be seen by others.” Sounds fun right? Coursework for this class will include some introspective work, as well as regularly blogging (a skill I need to work on). I am so excited for this experience and another semester of unique and valuable class work.

JOMC 457: Advanced Editing, Prof. Andy Bechtel

Part of what makes this class exciting is what I really love about the UNC j-school — real world experience. As a part of this course, my classmates and I will be editing content produced by the community journalism course for the Carrboro Commons and Durham Voice. Between the two classes, the content of these actual publications are in our hands — which is exciting and scary!

MATH 119: Math Modeling 

I am very angry at freshman and sophomore me for putting off taking math classes, and then continuing to put them off. As a result, I need this class to graduate and will be taking it this semester. On the bright side, does not seem to challenging thus far.

Outside of class

As usual, a lot of time this semester will be spent doing things other than class work. I am going to continue my work study position in the JOMC Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, despite a lot of recent changes in the office. I will also continue interning with the athletic department and doing graphic design for them. Additionally, I have picked up some freelance work with one of my favorite UNC writers, Adam Lucas. Oh yeah, and I have to find a job.

Should be a pretty exciting semester!


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