The Best Semester Ever?

This semester is what I have been waiting four years for: I get to take classes where each assignment is a pleasure rather than a pain, and I genuinely can’t wait to immerse myself in the course content. It’s only a week into classes and I am already obsessed with each course I am taking.

With recruitment starting this week, the semester is already off to a busy start. But I am feeling guilty about abandoning my blog for about a month now, so here is a short post on the courses I will be taking this semester.

JOMC 376: Sports Marketing and Advertising 

I decided to take this course since (as of now) this appears to be the career path I am heading down. So far in class, we have discussed the notion of athletes as celebrities and how this pertains to marketing. For example, in the 1980s, Nike strayed away from the athlete endorsements of a brand, and began marketing the athletes themselves i.e. Michael Jordan. And it worked! But it most definitely changed the advertising game for both companies and athletes.

This class will definitely not be easy. We just got assigned our first group project where we will have to create a sports event that is unique and design a marketing plan to promote the event. As a graphic design major, I can definitely contribute to the group, but the entire project will be no easy task!

I hope to explore different approaches and things to consider when marketing sports and athletes to the general public. I also hope to use what I learn in this class as I continue my internship with the UNC athletics marketing department.

JOMC 490: New Media and Its Impact on the Future of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Of all my classes, this one is definitely in the lead for favorite class of this semester. We have only had class twice, but each time, I leave thinking “Oh my gosh that is so cool” and also “that is unbelievably and crazy, but I see how it works”. In our day-to-day lives, it can be hard to recognize the technology we hold (even in our hands with smart phones) and the power it has to completely change advertising and marketing, as well as everyday life.

On Thursday, we began watching Minority Report, a 2002 film starring Tom Cruise. What is interesting and relevant about the film is that director Steven Spielberg gathered a group of technologist and scientists to realistically predict what the world would be like in the year 2054. Surprisingly, only ten years later, much of the technology in the film exists, or it is clear how we will get to that technology in a matter of years. I never thought I would be a “tech geek”, but this class might just turn me into one!

JOMC 482: Newspaper Design 

It is very interesting to go from my class about how completely different media is today, to a course where we are working with one of the oldest forms of media. The stark contrast is surprising and also comical, but I still think this class will be interesting. I hope I can use this course to sharpen some of my design skills, while adding to my portfolio. Plus, taking this course means that I can register for Magazine Design in the spring! We haven’t done much in this class so far, but I can’t wait to start designing!

JOMC 187: Introduction of Multimedia

In all honesty, I dreaded this course when I registered for it last spring. After taking an Audio/Video class, I learned that this area of media is not exactly my cup of tea. However, I was pleasantly surprised on the first day to learn that this course is more of a web design class. Even the professor referes to the class as “Introduction to Interactive Media”.

While I am excited to produce web content and design, this will probably be my most challenging course. We are already having to learn a little bit of web code, but these are all things I want to (and should be able) to know how to do! Additionally, I have put the launch of my online portfolio on the back burner in hopes that I can create something more advanced throughout the course.

JOMC 245: Sports and the Media

This course is a one-hour and once a week, so we just had our first meeting today. My professor, a former Sports Illustrated writer, was in charge of the Carolina Sports Journalism Camp that I worked with this summer, and was oh-so jealous of. Most of this class will be guest speakers including coaches, athletes and reporters in the field. I am excited to literally be a sponge and just absorb as much information as I possibly can while learning from these professionals!

ENGL 284: Reading Children’s Literature 

Because it’s senior year and who doesn’t want to get school credit for reading Harry Potter!

I can’t wait to post about some of the things that I work on in these courses and share my experiences! In the mean time, I will be busy the next few weeks working as a Recruitment Counselor for Panhellenic Recruitment. I promise I won’t abandon my blog for too long!


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  1. […] Last semester, I took Sports Media with Tim Crothers. As part of the class, we had guest speakers from sports media or teams come to class each week and we were allowed to ask them anything (as long as it was related to sports media) for about an hour. Pretty cool considering we got to speak to some sports information directors and Carolina athletes — oh yeah, and Anson Dorrance and the Roy Williams (in the press room at the Dean Dome nonetheless. No, I didn’t cry). Overall, I learned a lot from the class and really enjoyed it. (JOMC 245, for those of you lucky enough to be sticking around for the fall.) […]

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