(Not So) Dreadful Deadlines

The following blog post was featured as a part of CAFME’s Summer Intern Diaries for 2012. I contributed by writing about my internship at Carolina Woman magazine.


It’s hard to believe I have been interning at Carolina Woman for more than a month now. I have seen two issues go to press and it is hard to believe that I will only be there for one more!

If there is anything I have learned while working at Carolina Woman, it’s that deadlines are what you make them. Deadlines can bring on feelings of stress and anxiety, but they don’t have to be that way!

When I first joined staff, the publication was having trouble meeting deadlines in every aspect – from content to advertising. The second week of my internship happened to be the deadline week for the June issue, and boy, was it a mess. Papers and drafts were frantically shuffled around the office all day long and everyone on staff had to stay late. It was not an ideal situation to be in.

That’s why the editor asked me to help create a plan to keep the staff on deadlines throughout the entire month. Using a Google calendar, Google docs and miniature deadlines set by the editor and I, I worked on making a system that was easy to understand and didn’t require much extra work. Throughout the month, I reminded staff members of upcoming deadlines and did my best to keep everyone on track.

This week was deadline week for the July issue and I was nervous before the week began. I was fearing a deadline week like the last, but this week turned out to be just as easy as other weeks! By keeping everyone on track throughout the month, the magazine was easily put together with minimal stress.

Make sure if you are interning or working at a publication to try your best to keep on track. Make (and meet) small deadlines, and the final deadline will be a lot less intimidating!

Best of luck!


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